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1. Success Story: My brother the stuntman, my aunt the lottery winner

2. Do-it-yourself Technique: the 100 to 1 method.

3. Experimental products (coming in future issues)

Success Story....

(Note: Some success stories I will include in this newsletter I have
personally experienced, some I personally witnessed, and some I was
personally told. Every story is shared not to impress or entertain but
to invite you to explore what results you can create for yourself.
Test the processes! You didn't know what your favorite foods were until
you tasted them. So I invite you to taste the processes in these
newsletters and use them to help yourself and people you care about to
live more happily. I would like to hear YOUR success stories, and with
your permission, include them here. -- Sean Collins)

In 1989 a friend invited me to go to a Church carnival. There was a
used book sale there, in the parish hall, where I bought --for 25
cents-- a tattered little paperback called the Silva Mind Control
Method. The book said that if you want something to happen, then you
ought to do a specific visualization technique that would quiet your
brainwaves down to a more creative level of mind. It made a case for
attending the Silva Method course, but said that until you attend you
can do the 100-to-1 visualization technique. (Described later in this

I liked that Jose Silva presented the material as more scientific than
metaphysical, at least it seemed so to me, since his techniques had to
do with brainwaves and cycles per second and brain hemisphere

So I decided that I would test this information. Once a day for two
weeks I would do the instructions as he described and "program" an
event to happen.

The funny thing was, I didn't have anything that I knew I wanted. So I
asked my brother if he could have anything in the world, what would it
be? He said that he wanted to be stunt coordinator of a movie coming
to Ft. Lauderdale.

Suddenly I had a project I could work with. I didn't tell my brother
that he would be a part of my experiment. For the next two weeks,
once each day, I did the 100-to-1 method and at that quieter level of mind
pictured him wearing a shirt that said "Stunt Coordinator" on it.
Jose Silva's instructions did not say to do this, but spontaneously I also
pictured in the mental image my brother's heart opening and filling
the scene with color. This aspect happened pretty much intuitively, and
may have been my unconscious way of making sure this project was in
line with what he would love to experience. (If you are familiar with
the idea of "chakras" I was imagining love from his heart chakra
filling the mental picture.)

What I had not learned from Jose Silva was for how long I ought to
picture the desired result. (In an upcoming issue I'll share what
scientific research on prayer has found about how length of time
affects the results of mentally intending something.) I decided to
maintain the image in my mind for as long as 'felt' good to do so. It
was never for more than a few minutes, and usually the signal I felt
in my body that I had done enough visualizing for one session was that I
would start laughing.

As a routine, I did the visualizing in the bathroom, because I was
already seated, and also I wanted to make sure I did the process on a
daily basis, once a day for two weeks. (Jose Silva mentions this
also. For people who say that can't get away from work or family to sit and
visualize, do it while sitting in the bathroom.)

At the end of the two weeks, I stopped. "Oh well, let's see what
happens," I thought.

Three days later my mother called my apartment. "Sean, you'll never
guess what happened to your brother."

"What?" I asked.

She said that he was in a parking lot in Ft. Lauderdale, and a man
told him that he would be perfect for a movie that is coming to town and
would he like to audition? At the audition, Martin Scorsese and
Robert DeNiro picked him out of 11 people to do stunt work in the film.

That movie, "Cape Fear", features my brother as one of three guys
hired to beat up Robert DeNiro's character. He is the one wielding the
motorcycle chain.

My visualization was for him to be stunt coordinator, which he was
not. As he had never been a movie stunt coordinator, or even a stunt man
for a film before, then the auditions (there were two) and selection to
appear in a stunt scene are still extraordinary. Short of the intended
outcome, but still extraordinary!

Another story about this 100-to-1 technique:
My aunt is a generous, kind person but with the most astonishing
ability to be critical and pessimistic about any topic of
conversation. (Think Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.) She was visiting from New York
for many weeks and bought Florida lottery tickets every day.

One day during her visit she mentioned that she wants more than
anything to win the lottery. So I told her, "If you would like to
win, all you have to do is this 100-to-1 visualization process and picture
the result." (Again, details for your own experimenting are at the end
of this newsletter.) "Do it once a day for two weeks and then stop,"
I told her. (Ordinarily I recommend experimentation, but in her case I
said it with as much certainty as I could muster.)

She listened carefully, without criticizing, and surprised me by
saying she would do it.

Four weeks later she saw me at a relative's house and kiddingly
smacked me on the arm. "I thought I was supposed to win the lottery," she

"Did you do that visualization?" I asked. She said yes. "Oh, then
you'll win," I said matter-of-factly. "Just put it out of your

Three days later she won.

Here is where it gets really interesting. The first words I heard her
say when she verified that she had the winning numbers were, "Watch,
the prize probably won't be that much."

She won on a Wednesday. The jackpots on Monday, Tuesday, Thurday and
Friday were all between 25 and 30 thousand dollars. The Wednesday
prize, mysteriously, dipped to 5,000. "Watch, the prize probably
won't be that much." She was right!

Funny follow-up to this story: When she went to the lottery office to
redeem her winning ticket, she said that the lotto office looked just
like what she had visualized, even though she had never been to the
office before. Her visualization was of herself redeeming the winning
ticket at the booth in the local lottery office. (More in future
newsletter issues about "peeking" into the future with alpha and theta

There was a Silva Graduate class here in South Florida not long ago
and a young woman got up in front of the room and showed her tax returns
because she figured no one would believe her story. She had pictured
herself in front of the television circling each number on her lottery
ticket until every number was circled. She said that it happened just
as she pictured it. I don't recall the exact amount she had won.

If you do experiment with lotteries, I want to mention that if your
outcome is money, there are many, many easier avenues for money to
find you than through a state lottery.

One technique I learned from NLP/Hypnosis teacher Carolyn Deal of
North Carolina is that your consciousness is a cash MACHINE when you picture
your customers, clients and/or boss so delighting in your service that
more money comes to you as a natural consequence of their increased

I recall a few years back being in a financial pinch, and needing a
windfall. So I pictured receiving money and trusting it would find
its way to me. Sure enough, following a week or so of daily
visualizations, I found an insurance check in my office from SIX years prior that I
had never cashed. I called the insurers and they said they would write a
new check for me if I mail them the one I found.

This kind of picturing CAN work, but doesn't resolve the deeper issue
of BEING attractive to money in an ongoing way.
(More on this topic, in great detail, in a special business issue of
this newsletter which I will call Intuitive Marketing. My research on
this so far has AMAZED me, and I am eager to share it with you once I
have it written and organized.)

Do-it-yourself Technique: the 100 to 1 method.

-----> How to do it:

With your eyelids closed, turn your eyeballs upward slightly --about
20 degrees up or as far as is comfortable -- and mentally see and say the
numbers 100 to 1. Even if you are an experienced meditator -- whether
Silva, TM Siddhi program, or some other, give this a test run and see
what effect it has.

You may feel a slight tingling in your head as you do this, especially
as you get nearer to the number 1. (Be sure to do this while sitting
up, as lying down may cause you to go to sleep.) This process takes
you to an alpha brainwave level, even theta territory, which is why it
may be useful to explore even if you are an experienced meditator.

Once you have seen and mentally said the number 1, you are at the
level to visualize.

Picture in your mind what you would see if the desired outcome were to
happen. See it clearly and vividly. If what you are picturing
involves a personal goal, see yourself in the mental picture. (If you are
someone not too aware of your inner pictures, you may find that
keeping your eyeballs turned upward slightly -- with your eyes closed --
during the 100 to 1 countdown gives you even greater awareness of your inner
pictures. Don't take my word for it though, please check for

After some length of time picturing the desired outcome, whatever
length of time feels appropriate to you, count yourself to waking
consciousness from 1 to 5, mentally seeing and saying each number. At
the count of 5, open your eyes, feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Bonus: Before counting yourself awake, you might also repeat some of
your personal affirmations! This is a wonderful use of this deeper
level of mind. The best metaphor I have heard about this is that your
mind, like cold wax, responds very little to impressions. Press a
cold candle with your thumb and no imprint appears. But if you WARM the
wax (WARM your mind by quieting your brainwave levels), then your thumb
easily makes an impression that remains after the wax has cooled

Pointers I have learned from people who get superb results:
1. Picture something good for yourself and good for all concerned. If
you want more profits in your business, picture increased gain to your
customers and the fortune flowing from that. If you want a happier
love-life, picture the increased delight for your partner (or
prospective partner), picture both of you enjoying each other's
company in an ever-increasing way.

In other words, not just win/win, but
in/win.... with a win for everyone concerned.

I sometimes am asked about picturing in this manner to help resolve an
issue with someone who is causing trouble, or acting in a hostile
way. (i.e., stalking, threatening, complaining unreasonably, hassling.)

If someone is hassling you, or bothering you, picture them with so
much increased joy that hassling you (in any form) is not even a viable
option anymore. If results aren't apparent, then increase the amount
of joy you picture for them.

Applications of this approach are far-reaching. My father, a Police
Detective for an organized crime unit, used a similar sort of
picturing technique to visualize suspects cooperating with undercover
investigators in an important operation.

My father, not just a Police Detective but also an ex-Marine Corps
Major, used a variation of the exact technique in this newsletter to
see meetings with new informants going smoothly, and would even see
accurately what an informant looked like BEFORE he met with them!
(My father's willingness to personally explore the farther reaches of what
a mind can do continually inspires me!)

Now back to the pointers...

1. Win/win/win/win/win/win/win....for the good of all concerned.

2. Picture something you really really want, NOT something you think
you ought to want, or are expected to want.

3. Have expectancy, like this: Suppose you go to Sears to buy a
dishwasher. You pick one out, pay for it, and give the salesperson
your address. You are told that it will be delivered in three days.
Three days later a Sears truck backs up in your driveway. What do you
expect will come out of the back of the truck? Of course, you expect
a dishwasher!

Have THAT kind of expectancy for your goals.

4. Let the universe handle the details. Carolyn Deal of North
Carolina told me of a student of hers who did a process like the 100-to-1
technique to buy a Mercedes. She knew exactly what she wanted, and
even specified that she wanted to pay only $500 for it, which is a
price that sounds absurdly low for a recent model Mercedes. One day
driving in her car she saw a parked Mercedes in front of a house. It
was exactly the Mercedes she wanted, and even had a for-sale sign on

She went to the door and a woman answered. How much for the car? The
woman said that her husband had run off with his secretary and said to
sell his car and that he would split with her (his wife) any amount
received for it. "So I'll sell it for $500," the woman said.


For More information about topics in this issue...

The website for Silva International:
Books by Jose Silva are found in any well-stocked bookstore or
library. The 100-to-1 method is included in a few of his books. I first read
it in the blue paperback, called The Silva Mind Control Method. (If you
do attend the excellent Silva Basic Course, by the way, you have a
money-back guarantee, plus free repeat privileges for life anywhere in
the world where the course is taught, nearly 100 countries and

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